Saumya Khullar

Fitness Coach

About Saumya Khullar

One advice Saumya has for anyone looking to adopt a healthy lifestyle - is to understand that movement of the body is more important than the concept of exercise. A healthy lifestyle doesn’t mean taking an hour out on a daily basis to go to the gym, practice Yoga, or engage in sports, but incorporating little changes in your life that allow you to become more physically active. Adding to that she says, healthy living are habits one adopts to improve the quality of life and prevent the occurrence of any form of illness or chronic disease. Specializing in physiotherapy and psychology, Saumya’s aim is to educate her clients about the effect of nutrition and exercise on the body and the mind.

Her Qualifications

  • Bachelors in Physiotherapy
  • MA Applied Exercise Physiology, Columbia University
  • Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Her Specialization

  • Weight Management
  • Fitness Regime for Running
  • Educating about NEAT (Non Exercise Activity Thermogenesis)