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Improve employee wellness
Boost productivity of your organisation
Delivered digitally on a gamified platform.

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Corporate Wellness

We have a 3 pillar strategy to fulfil all your corporate health & wellness requirements.
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HealthifyMe Engage

Onboard 80% - 100% of your employees on a digitally interactive health & fitness community.
In-App Gamified Environment
Themed Challenges
Group Coaching
Points & Competitive Leaderboard
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HealthifyMe Impact

Enable 20% of your employees to accomplish personal fitness goals via professional coaching services.
Dedicated Diet and Fitness Coaches
Customised Diet and Workout Plans
Weekly Individual Progress Report
Free Activity Tracker*

On Campus Activities

Involve up to 50% of your employees in hands-on group activities right at your campus.
Live Workout & Yoga Sessions
Health & Wellness Talks
Interactive Webinars
1-on-1 Coach Consultation

Deliver Measurable Impact

Observe measurable changes in your employees health, fitness and diet.  

Enable weight loss or gain of 3 to 5 kg over a period of 6 to 8 weeks.* 

Improve their macro and micro-nutrient consumption patterns by up to 20%.*


"My dietitian and Yoga instructor guided me as per my condition and called me regularly to keep me motivated and I feel light and good. Thanks Team!"

Rekha Srinivasan
Employee at Philips

“I have nutritionist Isha to thank for her stupendeous guidance in my weight loss journey. This was truly achievable only under her strict monitoring of my diet"

Thomson Paul
Employee at Philips

Ritu not only kept checking my logs but also raised a flag when I went out of control. Thanks Ritu for the consistent results and the help offered to me.

Jagadeesh Jinka
Employee at GE Energy, Hyderabad
*Results may vary from person to person