Niraj Sharma

Fitness Coach

About Niraj Sharma

"Adopting a healthy lifestyle is not tough as it seems, all you need is dedication and commitment. Once you have that, you're ready to embark upon a journey of self discovery and adventure," says Niraj. Fitness is an essential aspect required for healthy living. It's a method that helps you have complete control of your body and mind, which is necessary in this time and age, he adds. As a Fitness Coach, his aim is to provide his clients with knowledge and means to adopt the discipline of fitness, to ensure they succeed in not just their fitness journeys, but in their personal and professional lives as well.

His Qualifications

  • Post Graduate in Sports Science
  • Certification in Child Care Nutrition
  • Certified in Kinesiotaping

His Specialization

  • Weight Management
  • Strength and Endurance Training