Fitness Coach

"With your guidance and support, I successfully achieved my target of losing 20 kgs in 6 months. Thanks for your timely advice."

20 kgs in 6 months

“Munira understands different body types and designs workouts best suited for each individual. I thank her for being so motivating"

lost 5 kgs in 1 month

About Munira

Munira’s fitness career began in 11th grade as an athlete until poetry and psychology took over during her graduation. Being a fitness freak herself, she believes that if you are healthy, you are happy.

Her Qualifications

  • Reebok certified for group classes
  • Certification from International Sports Science Association
  • Certification from American College of Sports Medicine

Her Specialization

  • Weight Loss through Exercises
  • Body Transformation Training
  • Exercises for low back pain, arthritis & osteoporosis
  • Controlling Lifestyle Disorders
  • Corrective Exercises & Injury Management