Diet Coach

“Aruna, thank you from the bottom of my heart for motivating me and helping me reach my goal.”

Ms. Divya
Lost 6 kgs in 1.5 months

About Aruna

After struggling for years with eating disorders and body image issues, Aruna was allured to the quest of healthy eating habits. Amazed by the positive impact a healthy diet had on her life, Aruna was motivated to help others with the same and thus found solace in a career as a Nutritionist. Apart from a M.Sc in Food and Nutrition from RVS College, Aruna is also a trained Therapeutic dietician from St. Stephens hospital (Delhi) Her personal philosophy towards Nutrition and Healthy eating is simple. She firmly believes that food is something that should not only nourish and promote health but also provide please. Aruna believes that, developing a positive mind set, where one focuses on what has to be eaten than what has to be avoided is the first step towards Healthy eating Habits. She encourages her clients to pamper themselves with a ‘Cheat’ meal after healthy routine. “It’s all about finding the right balance” she exclaims.

Her Qualifications

  • Diabetes Educator, Practiced at Medanta Hospital, Gurgaon
  • Clinical Dietitian, St.Stephen's Hospital, Delhi
  • Post Graduate from RVS, Coimbatore

Her Specialization

  • Weight Management through diet
  • Controlling Lifestyle and Health disorders
  • Diet counselor for ageing people and kids
  • Post Natal Weight Control