Currently doing an internship, Munazza Khan is a student of dentistry. Being a skinny adolescent, she wanted to gain just the right amount of weight to look & feel healthy, and in order to do this, she was put on steroids. Unfortunately, the steroids did Munazza more harm than good resulting in excessive weight gain. Munazza intended on dropping these extra kilos she gained, but was unable to due to strict time constraints. 


One fine day she decided to turn things around and resolved to engage in a rigorous workout routine to lose weight. Not seeing the results she expected, Munazza jumped to her last resort, crash diets, which helped her lose weight, but took a major toll on her body – leaving her weak and inactive. 

After doing a thorough research on weight loss methods and apps, she stumbled across HealthifyMe’s advertisement and downloaded the app immediately. Four months later and 15 kilos lighter, Munazza has never been more active. 

“Following the diet plan was very easy, what I found difficult was consuming the prescribed proportions of food.”

Munazza consulted diet coach Saloni, who asked her to include a lot of protein in her diet. After following the suggested advice, Munazza opted for HealthifyMe’s Personal Coaching. Her new diet coach, Priyanka understood her lifestyle and accordingly devised a plan for her, which included proteins and fiber in every meal and had very little to no fats and carbs. “Following the diet plan was very easy for me because I generally avoided fatty foods and sweets; what I found difficult was consuming the prescribed proportions of food, but Priyanka had a solution for that as well!”, says the happy 23 year old. She followed the advice given by Priyanka and religiously had one glass of warm water with turmeric before going to bed and the results were outstanding! Now she easily eats five to six meals a day, which usually comprise of high protein food, and makes it a point to track it, to keep Priyanka up-to-date. 

Priyanka, is all praises for Munazza “I have never seen such a dedicated person. It was very easy to alter her diet because she would follow it diligently and would come to me with any problems she was facing”, says Priyanka.

“One thing that I liked about Munazza, was that she would try something new, over and above the workout plan that I had given her”

Munazza was seeing changes in her weight, courtesy to the diet she was following. Her next goal was to improve her strength and get rid of the flab. This is when fitness coach Dileep came into the picture. “One thing I liked about Munazza, apart from her consistency, was the fact that she would try something new, over and above the workout plan that I had created for her”, says Dileep. Initially she wasn’t able to work out due to fatigue, which is why I started her off with some basic stretching and strength exercises, along with daily brisk walks. After her body got accustomed to the workout routine, she moved on to a more intense routine which incorporated some HIIT, functional training as well as bodyweight training. Munazza paid a lot of attention to the ratio of calories burnt to calories consumed as a result of which she saw some phenomenal results.

“I was amazed by how yoga helped me mentally, as well as physically”

Mumazza-khan-success-story-afterIn the beginning, Munazza did face a few problems in holding the yoga poses, but she never gave up. She practiced her yoga routine till she could comfortably hold any pose. “I was amazed by how yoga helped me mentally as well as physically. I had a very bad temper which is now completely under control. Thanks to my yoga coach, Kavana!”, says Munazza. Kavana also reiterated on the fact that Munazza was very enthusiastic and always ready to push her limits and do more. She also applauded the fact that she constantly motivated all the members of her group by being constantly active.

“I am very happy with the results I have seen in my health, all thanks to HealthifyMe and my awesome coaches! My friends are also using the app and are loving it”, says Munazza on being asked how her overall experience with HealthifyMe was. She also gives majority of the credit for her weight loss journey being a success to her mother who has been her support system through everything, especially when it came to her meals being planned and prepared.

Impressed with Munazza’s transformation? Get a coach to reach your fitness goal. Still hesitant? Here are more stories to inspire you.

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Written by Team HealthifyMe

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