Tea has been a common beverage in India for centuries. Most of the tea consumption that happened in the past was black tea leaves infused with water, milk and sugar. Whereas, in the recent past, green tea has become a popular beverage, especially in urban India.

Green tea has been studied by many researchers to explore its health benefits. This variety of tea has been found to have a high level of flavonoids called catechins. Green tea is produced from freshly plucked leaves which are heated, rolled or cut, and finally dried.  This process allows the catechins to be preserved in the tea leaves, making them a rich source.  The astringent and bitter taste of green tea is attributed to the level of catechins that are present in green tea.  Some of the goodness of green tea is also ascribed to catechins.

Let’s look at the health benefits of green tea –


Being a fluid, green tea is a great source for hydration. If taken hot, it also provides warmth and comfort, especially in the winter months.

Weight management

When taken without any sugar, honey, or jaggery, green tea is a zero calorie beverage.  Weight-watchers can, therefore, include it in their diets without worrying about the additional calories. Also, according to recent studies done by Asians, catechins in green tea facilitate fat burn.


Some studies also show that the flavonoids present in tea may help to modulate blood glucose levels and improve insulin sensitivity. However, this needs more evidence.

Blood pressure 

Studies suggest that there might a positive association between green tea consumption and reduction in blood pressure. Further evidence is needed in this area.

Heart health

Population studies done in some parts of the world show a link between regular tea consumption and improved cardiovascular health.


Tea naturally contains L-theanine and caffeine.  Research shows that the combination of these 2 compounds can increase alertness and improve attention levels.

Waist circumference

Human studies show that green tea consumption when combined with regular physical activity and balanced diet helps burn body fat, particularly visceral fat. This could help in reducing body girth.

Healthy Skin

Green tea helps in building a good hydration status, which in turn results in improved, hydrated and healthy skin.

Improve your overall health and prevent the occurrence of lifestyle conditions by making an addition to your diet. Sip on a cup of Lipton Green Tea everyday!

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