arteries cleaning foods

  Your arteries are what keep you going. Part of the circulation system, they help move oxygenated blood from the heart to all parts of...


women with eating disorder

Are you an Apple or a Pear? A new study has shown that women with apple-shaped bodies, those who store more fat in their trunk...
World diabetes day

November 14 is observed as World Diabetes Day. High time to better know this metabolic disease and learn how to live with it! A person...


HealthigyMe - Yoga Day Event

What better way to celebrate World Yoga Day than an early morning salutation to the sun? Over 70 enthusiastic Bangaloreans gathered together at the Landscape...

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Success Stories

before and after
Entrepreneur Sahil Softa started piling on weight when he started focusing on his furniture business in Sirhind, Punjab.

Samarth before after
Name: Samarth Trigunaik Age: 24 years Then: 91 kg Now: 80 kg Lost: 11 kg in four and a half months Agra-based Samarth Trigunaik started piling on the pounds...

Shweta Mikkili
Name: Shweta Mikkili Age: 26 years Then: 69 kg Now: 59 kg Lost: 10 kg in 4 months Regular cardio helped Hyderabad-based software engineer Shweta Mikkili maintain her weight...

During and after her first pregnancy, Anuradha put on about 10 kg. One day as she dressed up, she found that she couldn’t fit into her sari blouse.


vegetarian pizza

Who says pizza only makes you pile on the pounds? You can enjoy a healthy version of this tasty treat just by tweaking the...
high fiber diet

The best diet for weight loss is one that includes plenty of high-fiber, low calorie recipes . Because they’re made up of ingredients that...
Bowl of Quinoa Poha

An apple a day keeps the doctor away. A bowl of quinoa (pronounced KEEN-wah) a day does that and much more. A recent study by Harvard...
Modaks Recipe - HealthifyMe

Ganapati Bappa loves his modaks and so do we. This Ganesh Chaturthi we suggest you try these two modaks – one a sugar-free recipe...

Apart from their nutrient value, the low glycemic index and pectin content give bananas fat-busting qualities
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