How to control pre-diabetes with diet and exercise

How to control pre-diabetes

Diabetes cases are on the rise in India – according to 2013 data from the International Diabetes Federation, approximately 50% of all people with diabetes live in just three countries – China (98.4 million), India (65.1 million) and the US… Continue Reading

Tinda: a superfood prepared super tasty


Turn your nose up at the sight of tinda sabzi on the dinner table? Well think again, because this light summer gourd is considered a super food due to its numerous health benefits. Most importantly, because it is almost 94%… Continue Reading

Why stress makes you fat and how you can beat it

stress makes you fat

Are you having trouble fitting into your favourite LBD (Little Black Dress) despite sweating it out at the gym? Believe it or not, stress could be the culprit. Numerous studies conducted over the past two decades have revealed that prolonged… Continue Reading